Avenue Q – Review 26/08/2014

The cast of Avenue Q. Darren Bell

The cast of Avenue Q. © Darren Bell

Avenue Q is well known for pushing the boundaries with its lewd and rude humour and the current tour, with its young and enthusiastic cast, is no exception.

When college graduate Princeton (Tom Steedon) turns up on Avenue Q asking what to do with a BA in English, his life is enlightened by his mismatch of puppet and human neighbours who can all find one thing to agree on: it sucks to be them.

Jessica Parker and Stephen Arden as The Bad Idea Bears. Darren Bell

Princeton meets and falls for Kate Monster (Lucie-Mae Sumner), but in his search for his purpose, quickly finds his affections pulled between her and singer Lucy the Slut (also played by Sumner), egged on by the Bad Idea Bears.

Lucie-Mae Sumner as Kate Monster. Darren BellSumner slips seamlessly between both characters, occasionally juggling both puppets on stage at the same time, and is easily the star of the show.

While Princeton attempts to find his purpose, we see Rod (also played by Steedon) struggle with his identity when roommate Nicky (Stephen Arden) thinks he might be hiding his sexuality from him.

Steedon’s portrayal of Rod seems to be his shining moment and his exchanges with Arden in If You Were Gay seemed to provide some of the show’s most popular moments with the audience.

Stephen Arden and Jessica Parker as Trekkie Monster. Darren BellMentions also need to go to Jessica Parker, who works brilliantly with Arden as Nicky’s other arm and as the Bad Idea Bears, and Arden’s outrageous Trekkie Monster.

Most of the show’s x-rated humour comes in the form of its soundtrack, with songs like Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist and The Internet Is For Porn, but it was Sumner’s beautiful rendition of A Fine, Fine Line which really stood out.

Brimming with humour and wit, Avenue Q is one of the strongest modern musicals and this version is no exception. The energy in the production makes it a stand-out show guaranteed to please the audience.

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