Boom & Bang Circus – Review 5/04/13

Kitty Bang Bang performing at the Hippodrome Casino.

Kitty Bang Bang performing at the Hippodrome Casino. Image from: official Facebook page

Forget your troubles, come on get happy, you better chase all your cares away under the watchful eye of the slightly camp, vaguely transvestite ringmaster who recently moved into London’s Hippodrome Casino

Boom & Bang Circus combines the eccentric, the flexible and the down-right dirty to present a late-night extravaganza of circus and burlesque. The risque evening, where the exotic meets the erotic, invites its audience to marvel at the fusion of the fringes of entertainment, with cabaret, contortion and carnal cravings leaving you suspended at the mercy of the delights on offer.

If the word burlesque leaves you terrified and running for the hills, adamant there will be nothing on offer for you, think again. “We cater for everyone, here,” your ringmaster chuckles, grinning wickedly as a table of women cheer.

The show is devised by Bioux Lee Hayes, producer of Boom Boom Club and La Reve, and Kathryn McLaughlin, burlesque extraordinaire Kitty Bang Bang, who makes her own unique appearances to titillate the anticipating crowd.

Whilst the acts are changed regularly, you can expect anything from fire-eating to acrobatics interspersed and even combined with burlesque, as you enter into a reality where the weird meets the wonderful and travel through the outrageous and offensive to present you with the world of the extreme.

The show brings the Casino’s history back to the stage, with homage paid to some of the world’s greatest acts that once frequented the venue, mixed in with just the right amount of spice to keep you screaming for more. The intimacy of the Hippodrome’s Matcham Room leaves the performers in touching distance, fully exploited by Kitty as she teases and titillates certain members of the audience, much to their delight. She leaves with a knowing wink, confident you will all be begging to return next week. She is not wrong.

Boom & Bang Circus comes to town every Thursday and Friday night at the Hippodrome Casino, delighting audiences in the Matcham Room from 11pm. Tickets are available here, ranging from £5 to £20. Will you dare to risk a personal show from Kitty in the Sexy Stalls, or are you more suited to the Beautiful Kissing Booths? We promise you that with this unforgettable feast, disappointment is certainly not on the menu.

Ringmaster, Dusty Limits.

Ringmaster, Jonny Woo. Image from: official Facebook page

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